Swanzal Kaur

Capturing my daughter like a professional photographer is just wow. Photographer Vikram Singh embarked on a captivating photoshoot featuring the talented teenage daughter, Swanzal, who is not only the subject but also a skilled sketch artist herself. Swanzal took charge of her own makeup, demonstrating her artistic prowess extends beyond paper and canvas.

Capturing Daughter starts a new journey as a Model

Adding to the creative synergy of the shoot, Jasvinder Kaur, Swanzal’s mother, played a vital role as the assistant photographer, contributing to the seamless execution of the project. This collaboration between mother and daughter not only showcased their bond but also highlighted their shared passion for artistry.

The photoshoot was an indoor endeavor, relying solely on a single light source to capture the essence of Swanzal’s artistry and personality. Within the confines of this controlled environment, Vikram Singh skillfully harnessed the interplay of light and shadow to create a series of captivating images that beautifully encapsulated Swanzal’s multifaceted talent.

In this intimate and collaborative setting, the photographs became a testament to the artistry that runs deep within the family, illuminating both the creative spirit of Swanzal and the supportive presence of her mother, Jasvinder Kaur.

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    1. Wonderful and excellent photography by Swaaz…Capturing daughter’s eternal beauty is ethreal….so pious and serene..

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